Happy 20th Anniversary!

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Carbon based Mistake we are throwing a free-to-the-public Variety Show at Sanger Hall in Sunnyside Queens. There will be strange music & comedy & spoken word & dancers & and an experiment with playing the Flaming Lips' album Zaireeka on 4 turntables & Max Fleischer cartoons & a contortionist & plus more & much more!

You can buy drinks until 2am, and purchase food until midnight. Their food is great, check out the menu at www.sangerhall.com.

I really hope you'll support me in this adventure and join me for dinner, drinks, and surprises.

  • DATE: Saturday December 1st 2018

  • TIME: 6pm - 10pm

  • LOCATION: Sanger Hall - 48-20 Skillman Avenue, Queens, New York


In an effort to raise money for this event on I’m releasing a bunch of new things, all proceeds will go towards the Variety Show in an act of Perpetual Art. I hope you find something you like and help by purchasing my art and spreading this message out to your friends and family.


  • Issue 22 is an essay about the economic crisis is Spain and how it affected burials, with photographs of the burial sites.

  • Issue 23: the Wrong Side of History is a collection of photographs from the opposite sides of protest signs.

  • Issue 24: Easyrider is a collection of photographs of the quarter operated rides for kids outside of bodegas from around the world.

  • The Lying Ichthys Sticker (Lies Fish) has been redesigned, it's now die cut instead of a rectangle.

  • A new condolence sticker "I'm Sorry For Your Loss" is ready to be put on broken bike locks about town.

  • And The Burning Baby Enamel Pin is back in stock!

Marc CalvarySanger Hall