All proceeds from the carbon based mistake and side projects will go towards opening a brick & mortar art house in Queens, New York. Within the walls of this oddly named shop, the carbon based mistake will offer a community center style meeting place specializing in art of all kinds, for art lovers of all kinds, and a discovery zone for those who have yet to discover their love of art.

Within the event area we will make it easily affordable for vendors to sell their work during art/craft fairs and zine conventions and the stage will be used for events, bands, open-mic nights, plays, reading salons, book signings, and movies.

Besides offering coffee and tea, we will have a fine selection of beers hand-picked by out Certified Cicerone Beer Sommelier as well as the best wine across a wide range of types.

The current zine library will be transferred to the shop to join the thousands created worldwide, and the used and new book and comix selection will run the range of genres, but will focus on speculative fiction. Our bookshelves will display Pulitzer Prize winning authors next to 1940's pulp magazines next to lushly painted graphic novels.

Music is a necessity, and it will be represented here in the form of the physical and collectable media, mostly focusing on vinyl records. Covering a very eclectic selection of most musical styles, we will even include spoken word and comedy.

There will also be a museum exhibiting our private collection of curiosities. Jars filled with relics, 1950's E-Meters, glass eyes, turn of the century dental plates, rings of giants, plasticized veins, bone, and more.